Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick - A Review

Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

Revlon has created something truly unique and wonderful, even though they have been around for what seems to be forever almost.  This colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick was shown to me by my cousin.  She shared her favorite makeup one day, as we all were one morning, around her kitchen table.  I had seen these three tubes of what I thought were lip gloss in her purse the days prior as we were out and about.  She pulled these out and shared that people comment her on her lipstick all the time at her work.  They even ask her how she gets her lipstick to stay on so well, and tell her how pretty it is.

Well, she shared that this is her favorite new lipstick.  She said, it really does last all day, and is amazing.  She shared that you need to be precise when putting it on however, remove it from any parts of your lip that you don't want it to stay.  It is that long lasting.  Well, naturally I had to try it, and I did several days later.

My own Experience with this lipstick:

Well, I tried it, and went back for a few more colors, even though it is about nine dollars a tube at Walmart.  I noticed, that it looks like it will last a long time, and that you don't need much to cover your lips in lip color. 

Well, I tried it, and it works like a charm.  It feels like it will be drying to my often already dry and chapped lips.  The thing is, ironically, my lips have never been so moist as when I use this!  How is that possible, that a matte looking, and somewhat dry feeling lipstick can make my lips NOT dry and chapped?  I think this last point is what has completely sold me on this product.  You can't possibly know what a lip gloss and lipstick freak I am, I collect the stuff and have since I was a little girl!  So this is really really impressive to me. 

Some colors don't completely suit me so well, and I hope they come out with more and more colors.  I hope they keep the ingredients in it that help it not to cause chapped lips.  I saw some other reviews about small flecks forming, or particles, and I find that making sure my lips are gently exfoliated helps this, as that helps with all lipstick applications.  I think I am in love, and have no reason to shop around for other lipsticks.  This lipstick, along with my favorite gloss are more than enough.  It does last all day, or almost all day!  Are there any downsides to this that I am not aware of?   If you know of any, do share with me, like if there are any strong chemicals or things in it that I might not want to "ingest" into my body over time, as this is on our lips? 

The colors I purchased so far are Grand Garnet 055, Ultimate Orchid 006, Perfect Peony 001, Best Bubbly 070, and Buffest Beige 002.  I have also purchased number 085, but can't read what color it is on the bottom, with the clear sticker on it.  Its very pretty though.

As it is, this is my favorite for now, thank you so very much, Revlon!  This is a winner! 

7 Day Scrub Cream by Clinique - Review

I think I first tried the 7 day scrub cream in a sample size through one of Clinique's gifts. It is a wonderful product, if you don't think too hard about it! I mean, I actually caught myself wondering how many days apart I had used it from the time before, or wondered why I then didn't use it at least every 7 days. It is just one idea to use it that way, every seven days.

I recall learning that some people will need to use it more, like two to three times a week as a gentle scrub, and some only every seven days. Regardless, it is nice, and it rinses off leaving skin feeling much nicer than before.

Again, let the scrub do its magic, don't rub your skin too hard! I heard once that you can also use it on chapped lips. They said to use it gently, and it made my lips so super smooth, I was very happy about it! It got off that dead skin that I tend to want to pick at on my lips when they get chapped, which is bad news and looks tacky!

Love this product. It is like many of the other favorite Clinique products that I love, in that its a good thing to get when I don't know what else to add onto a purchase for a gift!

Highly recommended.

Exfoliant Fraichelle by Lancome - A Review

My Favorite Skin Scrub!

This Lancome exfoliant fraichelle might just be my favorite skin scrub ever! When I first smelled it, it smelled literally almost too good to be true. One time, I had gone to the Lancome counter, spent some time looking around, and decided to splurge and get this skin scrub. Well, come to find out that it was sold out! I was so disappointed! It goes to show though, that it is a pretty popular scrub.

The fragrance, as I shared before is wonderful. It is a true bath product treat, if I can put it like that. If this is a gift for someone, they will love it! If it is a little treat for yourself, you won't regret it.

As with all scrubs, I let the scrub do its magic and don't rub it too hard into the skin or anything, nor do I use a loofah. I just use my hands, and it is sufficient. A wash cloth might might be alright also. I just am always wanting to avoid tiny skin abrasions on the skin which isn't good for the skin.

Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden - Review

This Elizabeth Arden product is a nice one. It is kind of odd at first blush though, to be honest. It also reminds me of their great lip protectant that smells so wonderful. As a little girl, my mother always had this white lip stick looking tube of lip balm from Elizabeth Arden. A true treat for the lips! It is very very rich and thick, but is nice for very dry and cracked or hurting skin on the hands, feet or elbows, knees, etc.

One nice thing about this also, is that you can use it as a lip balm for your lips as needed. Use like a vaseline or petroleum jelly for your lips. It smells nice too!

It claims to smooth minor skin irritations. This includes chapping, peeling or flaking skin that is due to minor burns sunburn or windburn, scrapes or abrasions. If you think this might be something you would like to try, I highly recommend you try it at least once.

Elizabeth Arden is known for having a makeup gift on occasion also. Try it sometime, I think you will like it!

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild - Review

Here I am again sharing one of my favorite Clinique products with you. It is their liquid facial soap, the mild variety. Here is what I like about it.

I like the mildness of it, where I can feel ok about using it around even my eyes if I don't get the soap into them. While Clinique wouldn't recommend that, practically tends to win out at the end of busy day. I don't tend to break out my cotton balls and eye makeup remover like I should! So this soap is nice in removing face makeup.

All skin types can use it. I just put some into my hand after wetting my face with water. Then make a little lather in my fingers or palms, and in a circular motion I cleanse my face. Its nice. I then rinse it off, and use a toner.

This liquid mild facial soap comes recommended. I see nothing wrong with it. It doesn't small as pretty as some, but that is part of the appeal to others sometimes.

Arbonne - NutriMin C - Review - An Enzyme Peel

REgain - Illuminating Enzyme Peel

I was invited to an Arbonne party by a good friend of mine. No pressure, no need to buy anything, kind of thing. She was having a party for a friend, and wanted a couple of people to come. I was glad I went because there were just a few of us there!

I was not looking to drop money on skin care that night. However, this one thing caught my eye. It was an enzyme peel, made of fruit and extracts, etc. I learned more about it, and bought it.

The short of it is that you wash your make up off first. Then, on a dampened face, put a thin layer of this product on. Then, you layer over that a warm, wet wash cloth and relax for a few minutes. The enzymes go to work on your face, and it gives a tiny tingly feel afterward, if not during. Basically, you let it work its magic.

I have used it a few times, and like it. I like the idea of what it does in bringing newer skin to the surface, while gently exfoliating the older, tired looking skin. I like that without the feeling of burning my skin off or peeling it off with some other chemical peel. Yet, that said, I like the idea also of actually giving my skin a little "workout" that I can feel it doing what I want it to do.

So, this product comes recommended. I like it, and how natural it is.

Clinique - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - Review

Clinique has been one of my top favorites since I was a young teenager. That means I have been frequenting the Clinique counter for over 3 decades almost now! This lotion, the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel, is a bit different from the lotion we all know and love.

First, it is ideal for all skin, in my opinion. It is especially helpful though, to the skin that might have an occasional acne flare up or break out. All skin needs moisture. Skin that has the occasional break out also needs it, but doesn't need added oils.

To put on makeup, or even have just nice smooth looking skin, one needs to use a product like this. It adds moisture, but no oil. I love it. I have gone through bottles of it, and it is a lifesaver.

For hot summers, or humid situations, your skin will love this moisturizing gel. It is fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and makes skin happy.

So I can't recommend it enough. It comes highly recommended. If you are wanting a Clinique gift at the makeup counter at the mall, and don't know what else to get, this is a winner for sure.

Review of Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gel, and Spray by Bath and Body Works

Vanilla Bean Noel was a fragrance I discovered quite by accident. I was working one day in the doctors office where I work, and this new patient comes in. I smelled this wonderful smell, and after she came up and finished paperwork, etc, I had to ask her what fragrance she was wearing. She perked right up, and was so happy to share that she was wearing her favorite fragrance by Bath and Body Works, Vanilla Bean Noel.

Now I have to say, that name doesn't strike me as one I had to try out. In fact, I think I had begun to think of all the vanillas out there as "equal", that I had to know what they smelled like already. Not this one. I do LOVE vanilla fragrance, don't get me wrong.

This one has like a caramel addition to it. Get this, she purchases this fragrance when it comes out, and gets enough to last her all year as it is a more seasonal fragrance. She said others notice the fragrance on her as well. This always amazes me with these kinds of bath products, because they often get my attention as much or more than an expensive perfume does! Isn't that amazing? I also love perfumes, and expensive lotions and cremes from the fragrance counters at department stores. This isn't the first time that a person has smelled another persons fragrance however, that just turned out to be a body spray and lotion!

I would love to know what others have experienced in this way. Is it just that right after someone puts it on, that people can smell it so much? Or is the fragrance that strong that it lingers in the room where they are?

At any rate, I had to go and find this, as it was after Christmas time, and I called to our nearest B&BW. They were out, and I was so disappointed. I called the next store, and they had a few sets left, half off. I went there that night. I have to admit, its a bit sweet, but man it is a nice product. The manager there was helping me, and I told her about the lady in my office. She smiled and said that others wait for this particular product all year. Then they stock up on it, and love it!

For a day when I don't feel like flowers or a "cleaner" fragrance, I like this one a lot. Its a great vanilla fragrance and I would recommend trying it at least once.

Their natural skin soothing agents are shea butter, Vitamin E, and Jojoba oil. I love the extra additions like this that are so good for the skin.

Jeweled Citrus Lotion, Body Lotion, Creme, Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

This is another favorite that I purchased a while ago in the Victoria's Secret line. I recall smelling it for the first time in the store, and thinking this is so nice! In the little picture on the front, there is a orange slice, orange blossoms and leaves, and some raspberries. The silkening body lotion for example, is just so nice. I absolutely love the fragrance and would purchase this again.

As in my other Victoria's Secret review, I wanted to say that one of my very favorite things is their adding in of product that is natural and so healthy for the skin. Like in the body lotion, there is evening primrose oil, chamomile, and meadowsweet extract. I love it when they put these things in that truly nourish the skin. It makes me want to buy that product over others.

I do hope, that they put in a fair amount of these items,not just a miniscule amount to be able to say they put it in. Whether vitamins, aloe vera, or whatever, I really love those natural things found in nature, to be in the products I put on my body. It makes sense and feels like a wise choice for me as a consumer.

I would purchase this again. I hope they make it in the future.

Passionate Kisses Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Hand Creme, and Lotion by Victoria's Secret

This is a lovely product, though I think it may now be a fragrance that is no longer in the line. All the same, I wanted to write a review on it, as they may bring it back in the future. The fragrance is lovely, truly amazing. It smells wonderful and made me feel wonderful.

It is hard to describe this scent, but it is a very sensual and sexy scent, without being overpowering or too musky or anything like that.

One of my very favorite things about this lotion for instance, is that it has natural skin conditioners like evening primrose oil, meadowsweet extract, and chamomile. As a consumer, I LOVE to see natural products like these in the products I buy and will be using on my skin. Since our skin is a living organ and since I know herbs and vitamins do so much for us, I will almost always purchase those items over others.

For ID, the bottle had what looks to be little purple cosmos flowers on it in the picture. A favorite fragrance!

Highly recommended product.

Colavita Soap - Sole-Vita - With Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I found this little soap in a favorite local Italian Market near my home. I would go to this store (it has since closed, and I am so sad about this!), to get the makings for pasta and sauce meals we had every week. They also had a great bakery.

Well one day, I was looking around and on the end of one of the isles, I see this soap. They are in little boxes, and it said they are made with extra virgin olive oil. So I picked it up and saw it was a great deal. I purchased it and used it until it was gone.

I only recently just finished the product, and it smelled really nice and felt nice on the hands after use. I would recommend it highly, and its a great deal. It is a product produced in Florence Italy. A great little soap I never would have known of if not for the little Italian Market up the road. I hope to find it again.

Watkins Strawberry Lip Gloss or Lip Balm Review

This lip gloss was part of a lovely gift set from my mother, and came with some great hand and body lotion as well.

It comes in a little pot, with a lid, and looks old fashioned just like the Watkins products often do. There is a little strawberry on the lid, and its actually a very very nice lip gloss. This might mean more to you if you knew what a lip gloss fanatic I actually am!

While there isn't much in the way of flavor in this lip gloss, the sheen is lovely. Almost a opalescent effect, more than a frost to it. The pink tint is light and perfect. It is smooth and very nice. It doesn't seem like there is much in the little pot, but it has actually lasted me a very long time and I use it at least once a day, liberally.

I can recommend this very highly, and I hope Watkins still makes it!

Watkins Strawberry Hand and Body Lotion Review

This product, Watkins Strawberry Hand and Body Lotion was a gift from my Mother a couple of years ago. Watkins is known for selling top of the line spices and extracts for cooking. Their line also included some home apothecary products over their history.

This strawberry lotion is wonderful, and I would highly recommend it. I currently put it on every night at least on my hands and lower arms, before I go to bed to keep from getting dry in these Winter months.

Watkins is a trusted name, and this was part of a beautiful gift basket set when I got it. It came also with some lip gloss and some Strawberry extract to use in cooking, if I am recalling correctly. I hope they are still making these products, they are lovely.

The directions recommend using with the Strawberry Body Wash and Bubble Bath, and finishing off with the lip gloss.

Funny Story

I work in a doctors office, and we get all kinds of people coming in and out. One of our regulars is a drug representative who is very sweet. She had on a great smelling perfume one day! She is really pleasant and chatty, and I asked her about what she was wearing that smelled so good. She said it was an inexpensive little body mist from Wal Mart. I kid you not. She said that I wasn't the first person to ask her about that either. It was the funniest thing, because I love fragrance, and love to shop the full spectrum of it at fine department stores on down the line. One place I don't often look around for fragrance is Wal Mart, to be completely honest! Its not that I don't want to, I just don't think about it.

Looks like the bath products industry is doing a great job of getting some great smelling products out there, that get noticed, that don't cost an arm and a leg! That is a good thing! If she could remember the name, she would have told me, about that body mister she had on, but she couldn't remember. She gave a couple names but said that it didn't sound quite right. Its one of her favorites.

I say, wear whatever you love, and that others compliment you on. You can't lose that way.

Bath and Beauty Products and Our Lives

Its hard to find a person in this world that doesn't make use of some kind of bathing product or beauty product. I mean even shampoos and soaps here, even if they are homemade. They are simply a part of our lives.

Over the years, I have sampled and tried many different products from bubble baths, shower gels, perfumes, makeups, creams, lotions, mists and sprays and more. Sometimes my favorites go out of style, or stop being made. Other times, I don't purchase one that I had previously liked.

This blog is partly dedicated to just remembering some of those tried and true favorites that you can't help but want to go back to again and again. Its easy to forget some of the names sometimes, so this will help in that regard.

Also, this blog is for those that want to read about particular products before they invest their hard earned money on sometimes costly things. Even if an item isn't costly, doesn't every dollar count? I hope to share my experiences here and honest reviews from my point of view and that of my family.

My commitment is to honesty, so you can know that if I am even raving about a product, its not because I am paid to do so! I always welcome feedback and any thoughts. Do share with me your experiences also.