Bath and Beauty Products and Our Lives

Its hard to find a person in this world that doesn't make use of some kind of bathing product or beauty product. I mean even shampoos and soaps here, even if they are homemade. They are simply a part of our lives.

Over the years, I have sampled and tried many different products from bubble baths, shower gels, perfumes, makeups, creams, lotions, mists and sprays and more. Sometimes my favorites go out of style, or stop being made. Other times, I don't purchase one that I had previously liked.

This blog is partly dedicated to just remembering some of those tried and true favorites that you can't help but want to go back to again and again. Its easy to forget some of the names sometimes, so this will help in that regard.

Also, this blog is for those that want to read about particular products before they invest their hard earned money on sometimes costly things. Even if an item isn't costly, doesn't every dollar count? I hope to share my experiences here and honest reviews from my point of view and that of my family.

My commitment is to honesty, so you can know that if I am even raving about a product, its not because I am paid to do so! I always welcome feedback and any thoughts. Do share with me your experiences also.

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