Funny Story

I work in a doctors office, and we get all kinds of people coming in and out. One of our regulars is a drug representative who is very sweet. She had on a great smelling perfume one day! She is really pleasant and chatty, and I asked her about what she was wearing that smelled so good. She said it was an inexpensive little body mist from Wal Mart. I kid you not. She said that I wasn't the first person to ask her about that either. It was the funniest thing, because I love fragrance, and love to shop the full spectrum of it at fine department stores on down the line. One place I don't often look around for fragrance is Wal Mart, to be completely honest! Its not that I don't want to, I just don't think about it.

Looks like the bath products industry is doing a great job of getting some great smelling products out there, that get noticed, that don't cost an arm and a leg! That is a good thing! If she could remember the name, she would have told me, about that body mister she had on, but she couldn't remember. She gave a couple names but said that it didn't sound quite right. Its one of her favorites.

I say, wear whatever you love, and that others compliment you on. You can't lose that way.

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