Jeweled Citrus Lotion, Body Lotion, Creme, Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

This is another favorite that I purchased a while ago in the Victoria's Secret line. I recall smelling it for the first time in the store, and thinking this is so nice! In the little picture on the front, there is a orange slice, orange blossoms and leaves, and some raspberries. The silkening body lotion for example, is just so nice. I absolutely love the fragrance and would purchase this again.

As in my other Victoria's Secret review, I wanted to say that one of my very favorite things is their adding in of product that is natural and so healthy for the skin. Like in the body lotion, there is evening primrose oil, chamomile, and meadowsweet extract. I love it when they put these things in that truly nourish the skin. It makes me want to buy that product over others.

I do hope, that they put in a fair amount of these items,not just a miniscule amount to be able to say they put it in. Whether vitamins, aloe vera, or whatever, I really love those natural things found in nature, to be in the products I put on my body. It makes sense and feels like a wise choice for me as a consumer.

I would purchase this again. I hope they make it in the future.

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