Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild - Review

Here I am again sharing one of my favorite Clinique products with you. It is their liquid facial soap, the mild variety. Here is what I like about it.

I like the mildness of it, where I can feel ok about using it around even my eyes if I don't get the soap into them. While Clinique wouldn't recommend that, practically tends to win out at the end of busy day. I don't tend to break out my cotton balls and eye makeup remover like I should! So this soap is nice in removing face makeup.

All skin types can use it. I just put some into my hand after wetting my face with water. Then make a little lather in my fingers or palms, and in a circular motion I cleanse my face. Its nice. I then rinse it off, and use a toner.

This liquid mild facial soap comes recommended. I see nothing wrong with it. It doesn't small as pretty as some, but that is part of the appeal to others sometimes.

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