Arbonne - NutriMin C - Review - An Enzyme Peel

REgain - Illuminating Enzyme Peel

I was invited to an Arbonne party by a good friend of mine. No pressure, no need to buy anything, kind of thing. She was having a party for a friend, and wanted a couple of people to come. I was glad I went because there were just a few of us there!

I was not looking to drop money on skin care that night. However, this one thing caught my eye. It was an enzyme peel, made of fruit and extracts, etc. I learned more about it, and bought it.

The short of it is that you wash your make up off first. Then, on a dampened face, put a thin layer of this product on. Then, you layer over that a warm, wet wash cloth and relax for a few minutes. The enzymes go to work on your face, and it gives a tiny tingly feel afterward, if not during. Basically, you let it work its magic.

I have used it a few times, and like it. I like the idea of what it does in bringing newer skin to the surface, while gently exfoliating the older, tired looking skin. I like that without the feeling of burning my skin off or peeling it off with some other chemical peel. Yet, that said, I like the idea also of actually giving my skin a little "workout" that I can feel it doing what I want it to do.

So, this product comes recommended. I like it, and how natural it is.

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