Exfoliant Fraichelle by Lancome - A Review

My Favorite Skin Scrub!

This Lancome exfoliant fraichelle might just be my favorite skin scrub ever! When I first smelled it, it smelled literally almost too good to be true. One time, I had gone to the Lancome counter, spent some time looking around, and decided to splurge and get this skin scrub. Well, come to find out that it was sold out! I was so disappointed! It goes to show though, that it is a pretty popular scrub.

The fragrance, as I shared before is wonderful. It is a true bath product treat, if I can put it like that. If this is a gift for someone, they will love it! If it is a little treat for yourself, you won't regret it.

As with all scrubs, I let the scrub do its magic and don't rub it too hard into the skin or anything, nor do I use a loofah. I just use my hands, and it is sufficient. A wash cloth might might be alright also. I just am always wanting to avoid tiny skin abrasions on the skin which isn't good for the skin.

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