7 Day Scrub Cream by Clinique - Review

I think I first tried the 7 day scrub cream in a sample size through one of Clinique's gifts. It is a wonderful product, if you don't think too hard about it! I mean, I actually caught myself wondering how many days apart I had used it from the time before, or wondered why I then didn't use it at least every 7 days. It is just one idea to use it that way, every seven days.

I recall learning that some people will need to use it more, like two to three times a week as a gentle scrub, and some only every seven days. Regardless, it is nice, and it rinses off leaving skin feeling much nicer than before.

Again, let the scrub do its magic, don't rub your skin too hard! I heard once that you can also use it on chapped lips. They said to use it gently, and it made my lips so super smooth, I was very happy about it! It got off that dead skin that I tend to want to pick at on my lips when they get chapped, which is bad news and looks tacky!

Love this product. It is like many of the other favorite Clinique products that I love, in that its a good thing to get when I don't know what else to add onto a purchase for a gift!

Highly recommended.

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