Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick - A Review

Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

Revlon has created something truly unique and wonderful, even though they have been around for what seems to be forever almost.  This colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick was shown to me by my cousin.  She shared her favorite makeup one day, as we all were one morning, around her kitchen table.  I had seen these three tubes of what I thought were lip gloss in her purse the days prior as we were out and about.  She pulled these out and shared that people comment her on her lipstick all the time at her work.  They even ask her how she gets her lipstick to stay on so well, and tell her how pretty it is.

Well, she shared that this is her favorite new lipstick.  She said, it really does last all day, and is amazing.  She shared that you need to be precise when putting it on however, remove it from any parts of your lip that you don't want it to stay.  It is that long lasting.  Well, naturally I had to try it, and I did several days later.

My own Experience with this lipstick:

Well, I tried it, and went back for a few more colors, even though it is about nine dollars a tube at Walmart.  I noticed, that it looks like it will last a long time, and that you don't need much to cover your lips in lip color. 

Well, I tried it, and it works like a charm.  It feels like it will be drying to my often already dry and chapped lips.  The thing is, ironically, my lips have never been so moist as when I use this!  How is that possible, that a matte looking, and somewhat dry feeling lipstick can make my lips NOT dry and chapped?  I think this last point is what has completely sold me on this product.  You can't possibly know what a lip gloss and lipstick freak I am, I collect the stuff and have since I was a little girl!  So this is really really impressive to me. 

Some colors don't completely suit me so well, and I hope they come out with more and more colors.  I hope they keep the ingredients in it that help it not to cause chapped lips.  I saw some other reviews about small flecks forming, or particles, and I find that making sure my lips are gently exfoliated helps this, as that helps with all lipstick applications.  I think I am in love, and have no reason to shop around for other lipsticks.  This lipstick, along with my favorite gloss are more than enough.  It does last all day, or almost all day!  Are there any downsides to this that I am not aware of?   If you know of any, do share with me, like if there are any strong chemicals or things in it that I might not want to "ingest" into my body over time, as this is on our lips? 

The colors I purchased so far are Grand Garnet 055, Ultimate Orchid 006, Perfect Peony 001, Best Bubbly 070, and Buffest Beige 002.  I have also purchased number 085, but can't read what color it is on the bottom, with the clear sticker on it.  Its very pretty though.

As it is, this is my favorite for now, thank you so very much, Revlon!  This is a winner! 

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