Watkins Strawberry Hand and Body Lotion Review

This product, Watkins Strawberry Hand and Body Lotion was a gift from my Mother a couple of years ago. Watkins is known for selling top of the line spices and extracts for cooking. Their line also included some home apothecary products over their history.

This strawberry lotion is wonderful, and I would highly recommend it. I currently put it on every night at least on my hands and lower arms, before I go to bed to keep from getting dry in these Winter months.

Watkins is a trusted name, and this was part of a beautiful gift basket set when I got it. It came also with some lip gloss and some Strawberry extract to use in cooking, if I am recalling correctly. I hope they are still making these products, they are lovely.

The directions recommend using with the Strawberry Body Wash and Bubble Bath, and finishing off with the lip gloss.

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