Colavita Soap - Sole-Vita - With Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I found this little soap in a favorite local Italian Market near my home. I would go to this store (it has since closed, and I am so sad about this!), to get the makings for pasta and sauce meals we had every week. They also had a great bakery.

Well one day, I was looking around and on the end of one of the isles, I see this soap. They are in little boxes, and it said they are made with extra virgin olive oil. So I picked it up and saw it was a great deal. I purchased it and used it until it was gone.

I only recently just finished the product, and it smelled really nice and felt nice on the hands after use. I would recommend it highly, and its a great deal. It is a product produced in Florence Italy. A great little soap I never would have known of if not for the little Italian Market up the road. I hope to find it again.

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