Watkins Strawberry Lip Gloss or Lip Balm Review

This lip gloss was part of a lovely gift set from my mother, and came with some great hand and body lotion as well.

It comes in a little pot, with a lid, and looks old fashioned just like the Watkins products often do. There is a little strawberry on the lid, and its actually a very very nice lip gloss. This might mean more to you if you knew what a lip gloss fanatic I actually am!

While there isn't much in the way of flavor in this lip gloss, the sheen is lovely. Almost a opalescent effect, more than a frost to it. The pink tint is light and perfect. It is smooth and very nice. It doesn't seem like there is much in the little pot, but it has actually lasted me a very long time and I use it at least once a day, liberally.

I can recommend this very highly, and I hope Watkins still makes it!

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